University of Bristol Acceptance Rate for International Students


The University of Bristol is a well-known research institution. It was founded in 1876 and has been ranked as one of the top universities in the world by QS, Times Higher Education, and other ranking bodies. The university is located in South West England and has two campuses: The Clifton campus, which is located on Clifton Hill, and the main campus, located at Stoke Bishop. The university offers many courses for international students including undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and Ph.D. programs.

The University of Bristol 

Bristol is a well-known research institution. The university is a public research university located in Bristol, United Kingdom. It received its Royal Charter in 1909 and was granted university status by the royal charter in 1951. Bristol is a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive UK universities and was named the University of the Year for Graduate Employment (The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018). It is known for its high-quality research publications and teaching methods, which have led to many prizes and awards from various organizations worldwide.

The school has over 30,000 students and 6,000 staff across five campuses: St Michael’s Campus (which houses the Faculty of Arts), Clifton Campus (Faculty of Engineering, School of Social Sciences & Law), Merchant Ventures Building (Schools of Chemistry & Biological Sciences) and Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre at Southmead Hospital (Schools of Veterinary Medicine). It offers 350 undergraduate courses across seven faculties: Art & Design; Environment & Natural Resources; Business; Engineering; Mathematics; Medicine & Dentistry; Musicology Studies.

Do International students have a place at Bristol University?

International students are those who come from foreign countries. The university accepts international students through their undergraduate programs and continuing studies for those who already hold an undergraduate degree from another institution or university but want additional courses at this prestigious institution. Suppose you’re an international student applying for admission into any of these programs offered by Bristol University. In that case, knowing about their acceptance rate may be helpful when deciding whether or not you should apply there instead of some other school (or even if you should apply).

The term “acceptance rate” refers specifically to how many students are accepted each year out of all those who applied during that same period; thus, if 100 applicants apply one year, but only 50 get accepted onto campus due to limited space available here, then we’d say that their acceptance ratio is 50/100 = 0.5 = 50% however because there is often more than just one type of applicant applying together at once. The acceptance rate of Bristol is about 67%. The acceptance rate of the university of Bristol is quite high. The acceptance rate is higher than other universities’ average acceptance rate. Therefore, getting accepted into this great school is possible if you apply and put in the effort.

What does The University of Bristol offer?

The University of Bristol offers many courses for international students.

  • The University of Bristol offers courses in many fields.
  • The University of Bristol offers courses in many languages.
  • The University of Bristol offers courses for many levels, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (Master’s and PhDs).
  • The University of Bristol has a high acceptance rate for international students, making it one of the best universities in the UK to study at if you’re an international student.

Requirements for admission into the University of Bristol

The requirement to be accepted as an international student at the University of Bristol is quite flexible. As an international student, your GPA may not be as important. The university of Bristol welcomes students from all over the world and is interested in their personalities and motivations above their grades. This means you can get accepted even if your undergraduate degree isn’t from a top-tier university like Harvard or Oxford. However, you must have;

  • You must have good academic credentials to be accepted into the University of Bristol. Good academic credentials mean you have good grades, a high GPA, a high SAT score, a high ACT score, and a good TOEFL score.
  • You must have good credentials and the funds to study at the University of Bristol. There are many scholarships that international students can apply for at the University of Bristol. You should start early and complete your application as soon as possible

Scholarships for International Students at the University of Bristol

There are a lot of scholarships that international students can apply for at the University of Bristol. As an international student, you are well-positioned to apply for many scholarships. The University of Bristol accepts international students who have completed high school or equivalent education in their home country. These students are eligible to apply for numerous scholarships offered by the university.

When applying for these scholarships, remember that they need specific academic credentials and career goals. In other words, if you want to study at this university and wish to be granted a scholarship, make sure your academic background matches what they require from their students.

Hospitality at the University of Bristol

As an international student, you may be concerned about finding accommodation and a job as an international student. Don’t worry! The University of Bristol has many services that can help you find both. The Bristol University offers international students accommodation and will provide meals if necessary. They also offer support services for international students, such as access to tutors or language classes, assistance with visa applications, and advice on applying for jobs in the UK.


The University of Bristol is a research university. It has a lot to offer international students who want to study in Britain. The university’s acceptance rate is high, and it offers many courses. You must have good academic credentials, funds, and English language skills to be accepted into this institute.


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