Scholarships to UK Universities for International Students


Many scholarships are available for international students who want to study in the UK. Whether you’re from outside Europe or from within it, special scholarships only apply to non-EU students. These can range from covering tuition fees to providing money for living expenses and day-to-day costs while studying abroad.

The Study in the UK Guide

The Studying in the UK guide is a free resource designed to help international students find the right course for them. It also helps you find the right university for you and can even help you find scholarships available to fund your studies. The study in the UK guide provides information on what top three universities offer each subject, so if you’re looking for a computer science course, it will tell you which universities are best for that course. You can also use this guide to see where there are good medical or engineering universities in Britain.

Scholarships Available to International Students.

If you’re an international student interested in studying in the UK, several different scholarships are available to help you fund your studies. While each scholarship has its specific requirements and application process, many only require students to be enrolled at an approved university and have an offer of admission.

Scholarships can also vary based on the subject or field of study they support. For example, if you’re considering studying medicine at university, several scholarships are available specifically for medical students from developing countries. Some scholarships focus on providing financial assistance for particular types of postgraduate study; for example, one specific scholarship is designed for Ph.D. candidates who wish to pursue postdoctoral research work with their supervisor after completing their doctorate (postdoc)

University of Aberdeen Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is available to students from the following countries:

  • Developing countries
  • Developing countries have achieved excellent grades at school or university, including International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and A Level graduates. You must also demonstrate leadership potential, academic potential, and financial need.

The scholarship covers tuition fees only, but you will still need to make an application through UCAS if you wish to study at Aberdeen University.

Glasgow International College Scholarships

Glasgow International College offers scholarships to international students based on their country of origin, region, and academic level. These awards are open to all students wishing to study at the college who meet the eligibility criteria for each award.

The number of awards available varies yearly, depending on funding and demand. Scholarships can be applied for by completing an online application form on the website at least two months before your arrival date at the university.

Birmingham Global Research Scholarship

The Birmingham Global Research Scholarship is awarded to international students who demonstrate excellent academic ability, strong English language skills, and financial needs.

In addition to meeting the general criteria outlined above, you must submit an online application with your research proposal (instructions will be provided on how to do this).

University of Bristol Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of Bristol Undergraduate Scholarship is available to international students applying for their first year of study. The scholarship is worth £2,000 annually and may be awarded more than once.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be an international student
  • Be applying for your first year of undergraduate study at the University of Bristol

University of East Anglia Global Excellence Scholarship

If you’re an international student, a graduate, and a postgraduate studying in the UK, you have a range of funding opportunities. These include scholarships, bursaries, and grants.

Grants are usually awarded to students who have already received a scholarship or bursary but have a financial need that isn’t adequately met by other funding sources. They can be paid directly into your bank account and do not need to be repaid unless stated by the funder. They can be used for living costs such as accommodation or travel expenses when traveling between home and university – any expenditure that benefits your studies should qualify for support through this funding opportunity.

Bursaries give financial support towards tuition fees or living costs (like accommodation) while studying at a university in England, Wales, Scotland Northern Ireland – they are not repayable. Still, they can only be awarded once during your course, so careful consideration needs to go into whether this is the right option.

University of Essex International Academic Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship is available to international students starting their first year at the University of Essex. It is worth £5,000 and will be awarded based on academic merit.

The scholarships are open to students from all countries, so you do not need a UK passport.

Keele University Scholarships

Keele University offers scholarships to international students. The university offers scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, and personal circumstances. Scholarships are offered through the International Office and range from £7,000 to £2,000 per year for undergraduate students and £3,500 to £5,500 per year for postgraduate students. Keele University has several scholarships that are open to both UK/EU and international applicants:

  • The Global Leaders Scholarship – up to £6,000 per student
  • Postgraduate Research Scholarships – up to £3k-£5k per student

Aston University Global Leader Scholarship

Aston University Global Leader Scholarship

The Aston University Global Leader Scholarship is a full scholarship that covers the tuition fees of an undergraduate degree. Students can also study at a partner university and receive a cash award of up to £10,000 per year. The scholarship will be awarded based on academic excellence, leadership potential, and financial need. To be considered for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be an international student who has applied before 1st July 2018 for admission into any one of Aston University’s undergraduate courses starting in September 2019 or has been offered conditional or unconditional offer for any one of Aston University’s undergraduate courses starting in September 2019;
  • Have achieved the equivalent entry requirements (the minimum requirement is usually three A levels at grades AAB);
  • Have demonstrated leadership potential;
  • Demonstrate financial need (evidence required).


We hope this post has given you a helpful overview of the scholarships available to international students. We know how difficult it can be to find funding for a university, so we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible. If there’s anything else, you’d like us to cover, please let us know in the comments section.

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