How To Get Hairdresser Job In Canada

If you have a flair for creativity and a passion for making people look and feel their best, a career as a hairdresser in Canada might be the perfect fit for you. As a hairdresser, your primary responsibilities include:

Job Duties:

  • Cutting and Styling: Providing hair cutting and styling services based on client preferences.
  • Coloring: Applying hair color, highlights, and other treatments.
  • Consultations: Discussing and understanding clients’ needs and preferences.
  • Customer Service: Ensuring a positive and satisfying experience for clients.
  • Product Knowledge: Staying updated on the latest hair care products and trends.

Salary Range

The salary for hairdressers in Canada can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the salon’s prestige. On average, a hairdresser in Canada can earn between $30,000 and $50,000 annually.

Requirements for the Job

To embark on a successful career as a hairdresser in Canada, you’ll need to meet certain requirements:

Education and Training:

  • Cosmetology Certification: Completion of a recognized cosmetology program.
  • Apprenticeship: Some positions may require hands-on experience gained through apprenticeships.


  • Creativity: A keen sense of style and the ability to create trendy and appealing hairstyles.
  • Customer Service: Excellent communication skills and a customer-centric approach.
  • Detail-Oriented: Precision in cutting and styling hair.
  • Adaptability: Keeping up with industry trends and embracing new techniques.


  • Provincial Licensing: Obtaining a license from the provincial regulatory body overseeing cosmetology.

Physical Stamina:

  • Long Hours: Being prepared to work extended hours, including evenings and weekends.


Embarking on a career as a hairdresser in Canada is an exciting journey filled with opportunities for creativity and personal connection. By meeting the educational requirements, honing your skills, and obtaining the necessary licensing, you can step into the world of hairstyling and make a positive impact on your clients’ lives. Whether you’re envisioning a chic salon in the heart of the city or a cozy studio in a suburban neighborhood, the path to becoming a successful hairdresser awaits you.

How to Apply for a Hairdresser Job in Canada

1. Prepare Your Resume:

Craft a detailed resume highlighting your cosmetology certification, any relevant experience, and your skills. Ensure that your resume showcases your creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction.

2. Compile a Portfolio:

Create a portfolio showcasing your best work. Include before-and-after pictures of hairstyles you’ve worked on to demonstrate your skills and versatility.

3. Research Salons:

Identify salons in the area where you want to work. Research their clientele, style, and reputation. Tailor your application to align with the specific salon’s atmosphere and values.

4. Submit Applications:

Visit the salons in person or apply online as per their preference. Include your resume, portfolio, and a cover letter expressing your passion for hairstyling and why you’d be an asset to their team.

5. Attend Interviews:

If selected, be prepared for interviews to discuss your experience, skills, and aspirations. Emphasize your commitment to staying updated on industry trends and providing exceptional service.

6. Demonstrate Practical Skills:

Some salons may request a practical demonstration of your skills. Be ready to showcase your ability to cut, style, or color hair, depending on the salon’s requirements.

7. Obtain Licensing:

Ensure you have the necessary provincial licensing. Provide proof of your certification and any relevant apprenticeship experience during the application process.

8. Follow Up:

After submitting your application or attending interviews, follow up with the salon to express continued interest. This demonstrates your eagerness and professionalism.

9. Be Open to Learning:

Communicate your willingness to learn and adapt to the salon’s specific methods and practices. Highlight your dedication to ongoing professional development.

10. Show Enthusiasm:

Throughout the application process, express genuine enthusiasm for the hairstyling profession and your desire to contribute positively to the salon’s success. This passion can set you apart from other applicants.

Tips for Applying to a Hairdresser Job in Canada

1. Tailor Your Application:

Customize your resume and cover letter for each salon. Highlight experiences and skills that align with the salon’s style and clientele.

2. Create an Impressive Portfolio:

Curate a visually appealing portfolio showcasing a variety of hairstyles you’ve worked on. Ensure it reflects your versatility and creativity.

3. Highlight Customer Service Skills:

Emphasize your ability to provide excellent customer service. Showcase instances where you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

4. Research the Salon:

Before applying, thoroughly research the salon’s atmosphere, values, and reputation. Mention specific aspects of the salon that resonate with you in your cover letter.

5. Showcase Trend Awareness:

Demonstrate your knowledge of current hairstyling trends. Discuss any continuing education or workshops you’ve attended to stay updated on the latest techniques.

6. Emphasize Adaptability:

Highlight your flexibility and ability to adapt to different styles and client preferences. Showcase instances where you successfully adapted to changing trends.

7. Professionalism in Interviews:

During interviews, maintain a professional demeanor. Showcase your passion for hairstyling and your commitment to ongoing learning.

8. Practice Practical Demonstrations:

If practical demonstrations are part of the interview process, practice beforehand to showcase your skills confidently and accurately.

9. Communicate Your Unique Selling Points:

Clearly articulate what sets you apart from other candidates. Whether it’s your creativity, attention to detail, or exceptional client communication, make it known.

10. Express Eagerness to Contribute:

Convey your eagerness to contribute to the success of the salon. Discuss how your skills and passion align with the salon’s goals.

Remember, the application process is an opportunity to showcase not just your technical skills but also your personality and commitment to the profession. Tailor each application to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

What Applicants Need to Know for a Hairdresser Job in Canada

1. Educational Requirements:

Ensure you have completed a recognized cosmetology program and obtained the necessary certification. Some positions may require additional apprenticeship experience.

2. Licensing Procedures:

Familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements in the province where you plan to work. Obtain and provide proof of your cosmetology license during the application process.

3. Industry Trends Awareness:

Stay informed about current trends in hairstyling. Highlight any additional courses or workshops you’ve attended to showcase your commitment to staying updated.

4. Customer-Centric Approach:

Emphasize your ability to provide excellent customer service. Share examples of positive client interactions and your dedication to ensuring a satisfying experience.

5. Portfolio Significance:

Understand the importance of a well-curated portfolio. Include diverse examples of your work to demonstrate your range and proficiency in various hairstyling techniques.

6. Adaptability in Styles:

Showcase your flexibility and adaptability in handling different hairstyles and client preferences. Discuss instances where you successfully adapted to changing trends.

7. Work Environment Research:

Research the salons you’re applying to. Familiarize yourself with their style, clientele, and values. Tailor your application to align with the specific salon’s atmosphere.

8. Professionalism in Interviews:

Prepare for interviews by maintaining a professional demeanor. Clearly articulate your passion for hairstyling and your commitment to ongoing professional development.

9. Application Customization:

Tailor your application for each salon. Highlight experiences and skills that match the specific requirements and style of the salon you’re applying to.

10. Communication Skills:

Effective communication is crucial. Clearly express your unique selling points and what makes you an ideal candidate for the hairdresser position.

Understanding and addressing these key aspects will not only enhance your application but also set you on the path to a successful career in hairstyling in Canada.

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