The Ins and Outs of Working with a Disability Insurance Lawyer

A disability insurance lawyer specializes in disability insurance claims and appeals. They assist clients who have been denied disability benefits or had their benefits terminated by insurance providers such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or private disability insurance.

Disability insurance lawyers help clients:

  • File initial disability claims
  • Appeal denied disability claims
  • Handle lawsuits against insurance providers
  • Navigate complex disability policies and regulations

They act as advocates for clients dealing with insurance providers. Their goal is to help clients obtain the disability benefits they rightfully deserve under their policy’s coverage.

When to Hire a Disability Insurance Lawyer

Here are some common situations when hiring a disability insurance lawyer can be beneficial:

Initial Claim Denied

If your initial disability insurance claim gets denied, a lawyer can help you understand why and file an appeal. They know what kind of medical evidence and documentation insurance providers need to see. About 70% of initial disability claims get denied, so don’t be afraid to get expert help.

Benefits Terminated

Insurance providers conduct regular reviews of long-term disability claims. They can terminate benefits if they believe a claimant’s condition has improved enough that they can return to work. A lawyer can dispute improper terminations and fight to get benefits reinstated.

Lawsuits Against Insurance Providers

If an insurance provider improperly denies a claim or terminates benefits, a lawyer may recommend suing to recover owed payments. Lawsuits can also help claimants receive “bad faith” damages if the provider behaved negligently.

Navigating Complex Policies

Disability insurance policies can be difficult for non-experts to interpret. A lawyer well-versed in disability insurance regulations can ensure clients understand their rights and what their policy covers.

Finding the Right Disability Insurance Lawyer

Not all disability insurance lawyers are created equal. Here are some tips for finding a great one:

  • Look for a lawyer who specializes specifically in disability insurance. This is a complex niche area of law that requires particular expertise.
  • Find someone experienced in your specific type of claim (private insurance, SSDI, VA disability, etc).
  • Ask about the lawyer’s track record with cases similar to yours. How often do they win appeals and lawsuits?
  • Understand fee structures. Disability lawyers often work on contingency, taking a percentage of back-owed benefits.
  • Look for great client reviews and referrals from past clients.
  • Choose a lawyer you feel comfortable communicating with openly and frequently.

Working With Your Disability Insurance Lawyer

The best results come from building a collaborative partnership with your disability insurance lawyer. Expect to:

  • Provide a detailed account of your disability, medical history, treatments, and limitations
  • Authorize your lawyer to access your medical records and communicate with doctors
  • Respond promptly to requests for information
  • Proactively inform your lawyer of any changes in your condition or status
  • Follow your lawyer’s advice—they know best practices and common pitfalls
  • Prepare for appeals hearings by practicing Q&A sessions
  • Recognize appeals can take significant time; your lawyer will guide you through the process

Lawyers Level the Playing Field

Dealing with denied disability insurance claims can be immensely frustrating. But an experienced disability insurance lawyer levels the playing field by aggressively fighting for your rights under policy guidelines. If you’ve been denied rightful benefits, don’t hesitate to put an adept lawyer on your side.

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