Churchill Scholarship, Eligibility Requirements

If you are interested in knowing what it takes to win the Churchill Scholarship in 2024, keep reading to learn about the Churchill Scholarship, Eligibility Requirements, and Deadline.

The Churchill Scholarship gives money to American students for a year of Master’s study in science, math, and engineering at the University of Cambridge’s Churchill College.


Sir Winston Churchill wanted this scholarship to make sure that the US and the UK shared scientific ideas. 

The goal is to help both countries progress in science and technology, making a future safer and more prosperous.


According to the Churchill Scholarship official website, the 2023 scholarship has been closed meaning it’s another scholarship selection year.

What Does Churchill Look for in a Scholar?

The Churchill Foundation looks for academic leaders with a strong record, research skills, compelling recommendation letters, and a passion for learning.

Churchill Scholarship


They seek individuals who will represent the U.S. well at Cambridge. The selection criteria include outstanding academic achievement, research talent, and exceptional personal qualities like leadership.

Criteria to be Selected for the Churchill Scholarship

To be selected as Churchill Scholars, candidates need the following:

  • Impressive academic performance, especially in their major;
  • Proven research skills and the ability to contribute to scientific knowledge in sciences, engineering, or mathematics;
  • Exceptional personal qualities, including talents and non-academic activities.

Applicants must be recommended by the Office of Distinguished Scholarships to apply for the Churchill Scholarship, and only two applicants can receive this endorsement.


If you’re interested, It’s advised that you meet with the ODS director to understand the application process better.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for the Churchill Scholarship

You must meet the following eligibility criteria before applying to the Churchill scholarship program:

  • U.S. citizenship (native-born or naturalized) is required.
  • You must be a senior at a participating institution or a graduate within the past 12 months.
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and do not possess a doctorate when taking up the scholarship.
  • Maintain a competitive GPA, typically no less than 3.8.
  • Simultaneously apply to the University of Cambridge by mid-October.

How to Apply for Unc Endorsement

  • Request Four Letters of Recommendation:
  • Use the Recommender Name Submission Form to formally request these letters.
  • Apply for UNC Endorsement:
    • Submit the Application for the UNC Endorsement Form.
  • Prepare and Upload a Single PDF (in this order):
  • Your CV
  • The Churchill Online Application Form
  • Proposed program of study essay (1 page)
  • Academic and Research History (2 pages)
  • All relevant transcripts

Your success in getting the Churchill Scholarship depends on your adherence to the guidelines in this article for a comprehensive application process.

Program of Study in Churchill

The Churchill Scholarship supports one year of study at the University of Cambridge for either an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) or MASt (Master of Advanced Study). Here are the key aspects of the programs:

  • MPhil: A research-intensive degree involving full-time research in a lab, leading to a thesis and oral examination (viva).
  • MASt: A taught course with lectures and written examinations; some MASt courses include the option to write a research paper.
  • Hybrid MPhil: Combines taught courses with a research paper; offers flexibility for a shorter research project.
  • Research-only MPhil: This rare opportunity for a full year dedicated to a single research project.
  • For MASt and hybrid MPhil courses, contacting a research supervisor is not required during the application.

What You Need for Successful Application

The eligibility criteria for the Churchill Scholarship aren’t enough to merit it, you have to stay connected to the system by attending several sessions of enlightenment to be successful.

Here are steps towards achieving that:

  • Attend ODS information sessions and prep-shops for guidance.
  • Applicants seeking personal statement feedback should submit drafts to ODS before the fall semester begins.
  • Stay informed about the Churchill Scholarship through active participation in relevant sessions.


#1. When is the deadline for the 2024 Churchill Scholarship?

As of the time of writing this article, the 2024 – 2025 Churchill Scholars have already been announced. It therefore means you are awaiting an entry for the 2025 – 2026 application. Kindly see the Churchill Scholarship website.

#2. What is the Award from Churchill Scholarship to Scholars?

Here’s the breakdown of the Churchill Scholarship to Scholars. The award includes:

  • Tuition coverage
  • Roundtrip airfare to the UK
  • Visa fees and health surcharge
  • Stipend set 5% higher than the UK Research Council standard
  • Eligibility to apply for a $4,000 special research grant
  • Total value approximately $65,000. 


Unlike other scholarships that prioritize “leadership potential” or “ambassadorial qualities,” the Churchill Scholarship uniquely focuses on academic and research achievements in selecting scholars. 

The goal is to equip accomplished scientists, mathematicians, and engineers with tools to enhance their future impact.


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