Who is a Product Manager and How to Become a Good Product Manager in 2024

You did good to nurse the thought of becoming a product manager, most especially in 2024 when it has become the most in-demand hire in business.

Up-and-coming companies rely on this incredible skill to maximize UX and the overall success of a business, here’s your chance to break into the field of product management.


By the end of the article, you’ll be well off on better ground of becoming a full-blown product manager even with zero experience in the field.

Who is a Product Manager?

Product managers are multi-skilled and versatile in knowledge; they play a sensitive role in steering the entire product life cycle.


Product managers

Their responsibilities include gathering, managing, and prioritizing ideas for new products or features, and meeting user needs with broader business goals. They set success goals and design action steps to execute for the product’s success.

In the development phase, product managers coordinate various elements that sync with the shared goal among team members. 


They Collaborate with key stakeholders—designers, engineers, marketers, and leadership to move the product towards success.

Think of product managers as the CEOs of the product, serving as in-house experts and the go-to individuals for all things related to the product.

Required skills to become a product manager?

The type of job you’ve done doesn’t matter when you want to serve as product manager, rather what matters are your transferable skill sets. These skills are as follows:


#1. Understanding the Product Design Development Process

A foundational grasp of the product design and development process is important.

This entails possessing some technical expertise, understanding how web developers operate, and being familiar with the technologies employed in building your product.

Additionally, an understanding of UX design principles and processes is required to create a product that satisfies well the users.

#2. Business Acumen and Strategic Thinking

Product managers shoulder the responsibility of driving business growth through product development. 

To succeed in this role, you must possess strong business acumen and strategic thinking. This involves being well-versed in business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Also, having a keen understanding of the company’s broader goals, and the ability to think strategically to match the product with overarching business objectives.

#3. Excellent Interpersonal Skills

For product managers, effective communication is priceless. The best in the field excel as communicators, collaborators, and storytellers.

They engage with multiple stakeholders daily, skillfully which results in cross-team collaboration, present ideas with confidence, and communicate empathetically.

Because communication is king, product managers heavily rely on these interpersonal skills and their responsibilities successfully.

#4. Problems Solving Skills

Product managers need to be good at solving problems. They don’t just solve issues for users; they also find solutions within the team to overcome challenges and make things work better. This skill is needed for a smooth and successful product development process

How to Become a Good Product Manager in 2024

Here are steps that will set you off for a favorable start to becoming a product manager in 2024.

#1. Build your Product Management Knowledge

Gain a deeper understanding of what product management is.

Listening to product experts is another valuable approach. We’ve compiled a list of the best voices in product management for you to follow. As you begin your journey, consider seeking out recommended reading materials on becoming a product manager.

#2. Begin to Develop your Product Management Skill Set

Check your skills against what’s necessary for a product manager. Spot what you’re great at and where you need work. Arm those skills, especially the soft ones, in your day-to-day life.

If you’re on the job, find ways to boost these skills. Soft skills like communication and problem-solving are more valuable—use them everywhere.

Practice with a colleague like a UX designer or web whiz, you just grab a quick coffee or Zoom chat for some brain-picking.

#3. Get Certified as a Product Manager

Employers want more than just book smarts—they need hands-on skills. You can prove that you are qualified for the role by showing a formal certification. Why? Check it out:

  • It gives you a structured learning path, covering all the must-know stuff.
  • Focuses on real-world skills, not just theory.
  • Lets you build a kick-butt product management portfolio.
  • Offers expert guidance and career coaching.
  • Gives you a legit certification from a recognized institution.

Pro tip: Act like a product manager. Identify your needs, do the research, and prioritize based on your time and budget.


#1. What are the qualifications for a product manager?

Some people preferred :

  • Bachelor’s degree in product design or engineering or similar.
  • Experience in software and web development. (pending the job type though
  • Your portfolio of the past gigs you’ve done.

#2. Which specialization do I need as a product manager?

Choosing Strategy & Marketing as your specialization is beneficial for product Management.


We believe that your curiosity about who is a product manager and how to become a good product manager has been positively tempered. Now that you know, all you need to do is to get to work. 


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